VARSITY RISING – Rising Sophomores & Juniors

This program is for our Rising Sophomores and Juniors and is our most intensive level in terms of competition, practice and off season training.   If a player wants to be a leader on his High School team, or aspires to play in college this is a critical time period in their development.    We work on all aspects of the game so players are ready contribute and lead their High School teams.  We cover team systems, concepts, game execution, defense, shooting, dodging,  stickwork, game IQ, conditioning, and nutrition.   We will accept a maximum of 45 players into the program and will schedule 2-3 Fall Ball events and up to 5-6 Summer events.   We will offer events by level:  BLACK (AA/A) or SILVER (A/B).    All players will be considered for our top events; rosters will be selected in March for the following summer based on performance through fall and winter training.   Our top performing and most committed players will play in our most competitive events as our “Black” team.

* All players selected for the program will receive 1 fall ball tournament, and 3 summer events including the season ending Stowe Laxfest that we traditionally play in early year as a season ending celebration.

2019/2020 Program  (2022’s & 2023’s)


  • 3 Fall Practices (Sundays)
  • 1 Fall Tournament (Players rostered for either: 11/3, Battle@Barracks ~or~ 11/10 RI Lax Classic)


  • 8 sessions of Winter Skills (Monday Nights)

    • 8 Mondays with Marty @ Forekicks Taunton with Martin Bowes (7-8 PM)
    • January: 6,13,20,27 February: 3,10,24, March: 2
  • 12 weeks of NEBOXLA Elite HS League  (Sundays)
    • Dates:  Nov. 17, 24 / Dec 1, 8,  22 / Jan 5, 19, 26 / Feb. 2 , 9, 23 / Mar 1


  • 24 Hours of Summer Practice
  • College Prep Camp June 7 (3 hours) – play with, compete against, and learn from current DI, DII, DIII players
  • 12 Summer Practices (Tues /Thurs )
    • Dates: June: 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30 / July: 7, 9, 14, 16,21
  • 2 Summer Tournaments Guaranteed & Included in Cost – up to 4 events

COST:   $  1750 annual fee

* Not included:  additional summer tournaments, uniforms.

** a la carte options for training and/or seasons may be available depending on space.  Exceptions granted primarily for winter sport Varsity Athletic commitments, or players living away at boarding school.

** We will enter events as both BLACK (Most Competitive) and SILVER (Competitive).  Players will be selected for the BLACK rosters based on both performance and commitment.  Rosters will be selected by March 1.

 Likely event options:


CT CUP, JUNE 21 (Sunday only) (SILVER)