We excited to introduce our new girls High School box program.  Similar to their male counterparts, many Canadian women have been dominating college lacrosse in the US due to their box background.  Box lacrosse not only hones your lacrosse skills; it expands them.  The box game requires a level of speed, creativity, accuracy, deception, and off ball movement not found in field lacrosse.  The best part is that you get so much better, and it is so much fun to play!  We hope you will join us this winter.

Sessions will run for 12 weeks starting in mid-November.  Enrollment is open to any player looking to play.   It is our expectation that this will be an entirely new endeavor for most girls; sessions will start out highly instructive and evolve throughout the season to full floor, regulation games.  Players will need the following equipment:

  • “boys” stick,
  • hockey or field helmet,
  • gloves, arm guards, and should pads (same as field),
  • hard shell bicep pads (attaches to any shoulder pads) & kidney/rid pads

* If you don’t have everything in week one that is ok, for starters we want to make sure the everyone has a helmet to start.

** We will play a very controlled game, and will take the time to thoroughly explain and train on the rules. The equipment is to protect you primarily from the ball, and to ensure you have the proper equipment for cross checking.  Although cross checking has a negative connotation in the US; the term refers to the act of defending a ball carrier or interfering with a cutter by pushing against with your stick. In box you are not allowed to swing sticks like in field, and the cross checks must be a pushing motion to the front or side (never behind).  Any cross check applied with force, to player on the ground, off balance, or toward boards is a penalty.   The girls and boys play the exact game and set of rules.

This is 100% legit box lacrosse undiluted.  Players will compete on a full size, sport court rink with double
doors, penalty boxes, shot clocks, 4×4 nets.


WHO:   Girls High School Players (Grades 9-12)
* 8th graders with strong stick skills are eligible to play.

WHEN: Games will be on Saturday,  one hour time slots,   GAMES BETWEEN 11-1

WHERE:  Longplex, Tiverton, RI

DATES:  Dec 7, 14, 21 / Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 / Feb. 1 , 8

FORMAT:  9 weeks of skills, box training, and game play

COST:  $225, includes scrimmage jersey

** Players need annual USBOXLA membership.



WATCH SOME GIRLS BOX LACROSSE: (these are Midgets ~ Freshman/Sophomore)