The Few, the Proud, the Buzzards


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At the Buzzards we aren’t looking to be the biggest lacrosse club; we just want to be the best! Of course, what constitutes the “best” is based on what players and their families are looking for.

Our Mission

  • Develop Young Men of Character
  • Have Fun and Instill Players with a Passion for the Game
  • Intensive focus on skill building & game IQ to help players reach their full potential

Here are a few things that we feel that sets the Buzzards apart:


We Know Your Name and Your Game
Because we offer only one team per grade, our coaches typically get to know all our players (AT EVERY AGE LEVEL) by name and to get to know their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, players get the benefit of the knowledge and experience of all our coaches. While we work to develop a comprehensive skill set for players, knowing a player’s individual game also helps us identify areas that a player can focus on to become an impact player. The key to success is knowing your role, and doing that very well.

No “B” Teams
We only offer one team per grade so everyone gets the same development opportunity. We offer 25 roster spots and up to 5 practice squad spots grade; we take 19 players to events. This allows flexibility to players to manage other commitments and keeps our roster lean for game day. Within the grade, players may be offered full or partial tournament schedule (between 2-4 events) and events are tailored accordingly. By altering rosters per event, we can compete at an elite level while still providing opportunities to develop players.

Keep It Fun
Lacrosse development is a marathon, not a sprint. The best players in the game are continually improving throughout High School, College, and even into their professional careers. If lacrosse isn’t fun, a young athlete is simply not going to want to put the extra time in necessary to excel. We work our players hard, but we always keep it fun and we think that shows up on the field.

We Focus on Transferable Skills and Game IQ
Smart, skilled players can plug in to any team and know how to contribute to the team success. Set plays takes the game out of the players hand and makes it a coaches game. Our goal is to prepare our players to excel in High School, so focus on providing the foundation so our players are ready for anything their High School or College coach might throw at them.

Box Lacrosse & Small Sided Games
We offer one the most robust box lacrosse programs in New England.  In addition to our in house box immersion program we also offer box tournament teams.  In the past year, our players had the opportunity to play not only top teams from New England, but also teams from Canada and the Akwasasne Mohawk Indian reservation.  WE PLAY REAL BOX LACROSSE!    We are the only USBOXLA program in Massachusetts.

Why box? – box is faster, requires more creativity, is more physical;  and simply put produces the best lacrosse players in the world.   Canadian & Native American box players dominate the field game – no you can too!

We Offer a Program Wide, Systematic Approach to Development
One of the greatest impediments to development is haphazard instruction. Too often coaches just teach what comes to mind or what they like; with no regard to the foundation that has been set or ensuring that there is continuity to reinforce the skills taught. All our coaches work off the same systems and teaching principles from youngest players to our oldest High School players.

Flexibility and Affordability
We have enjoyed a great deal of success on the field due to our large concentration of multi-sport athletes. While we want kids to work on their lacrosse as much as possible; we also want them to enjoy their other sports. Many of our programs are structured a la carte, or with flexible options so kids can play other sports.

We select our coaches very carefully and maintain a large part of our staff throughout the year and from year to year during the summer season. Keeping a consistent group of coaches helps us reach our objective – making you a better player!